Kičs calls Raimonds Pauls outraged about Gobzems’ intention to collect a million euros for him as “hypocrisy”

On the night of Saturday, October 3, Gobzems wrote in his Facebook account that he “thought of Raimonds Pauls as the most outstanding Latvian in the last hundred years”. Gobzem called on everyone to donate one euro at a time, not “out of poverty or need,” but because “we can.” But apparently the deputy’s idea really angered the maestro.

“Dear friends! I have not asked or asked to donate money to me – please do not get caught up in cheap provocations and populist texts.

I make money from my work. And I also recommend doing so to those who are trying to drive away political capital by empty mumbling, “the statement said.

However, Kivičs expressed such a strong opinion on Paul’s social networks.

“Paul would definitely be terribly sad if he got that stolen million. That kind of hypocrisy, too,” the musician said.

In response, people wrote that “everyone is already judging by themselves”, indicating that the maestro’s decision must be respected.


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