Kicillof announced the opening of clubs and the expansion of second dose free vaccination

The Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, announced today that from tomorrow dance clubs will be enabled in the province of Buenos Aires with a capacity of 50% and a certificate of vaccination for those attending and that there will be free second-dose vaccination for seniors with comorbidities and staff of education.

The governor made the announcement after a meeting he held with club businessmen in the Quilmes party of Buenos Aires, where he specified that “the advance in vaccination allows new activities to be enabled.”

“This was an activity very affected by the pandemic and, now, as a result of the vaccination and the drop in cases, it allows us to reopen the clubs with capacity and vaccination certificates from tomorrow,” he said.

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Kicillof also assured that “thanks to the vaccination policy we are in a reactivation stage where things are gradually returning to the previous situation.”

He specified that the advance in vaccination “is the cause of the drop in cases and the drop in cases is the cause of the openings we are making.”

“He touched us with a lot of pain, suffering and unwilling to close activities because they were dangerous and in the same way now we have to open them,” he explained, after the meeting in which he was accompanied by the mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendoza.

He added that “this is what we are sharing with businessmen, male and female workers, because it suffered a lot, but at the time of reopening we also have to regulate it so that it is done responsibly and to allow us to resume what we lost. “.

He assured that the opening of the dance clubs “are sources of work, but also recreation that is necessary at this time” and added that it is “time to face together the return of activities because the efforts of the people during the pandemic paid off.” .

The Governor also announced that from tomorrow there will be a second dose of free vaccine for those over 18 years of age with comorbidities and for teachers and educational assistants.

Until today, the province had free vaccination for the first dose in those over 18 years of age and in the second for those over 50 years of age.

“We have vaccines and we are already vaccinating 16-year-old boys and girls without disease,” Kicillof graphed when announcing the expansion of second free doses and recalled that in the province “there are already 11.5 million Buenos Aires with one dose and 8, 5 million with two doses. “



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