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Kichka Bodurova and Panayot Panayotov buried the tomahawks after brandishing ugly insults at them, Hotarena wrote.

The scandal between the two great native musicians broke out in the middle of last week. The performer of “The Boy Who Talked to the Sea” announced that he will not sing with Kichka at her concert due to low interest.

Panayotov’s speech led to verbal attacks and the pulling of dirty shirts. Subsequently, it turned out that the problem between the two was about money. Bodurova did not remain indebted to her colleague.

Kitka erupted powerfully at him. “I can’t let go that a man with the name of a tractor driver, the talent of one, and the growth of a row drill can afford to comment on a woman and an artist like me!” she announced.

Kichka Bodurova spoke about the scandal with Panayot Panayotov

Days later, relations between the two have been smoothed over. Kichka has forgiven Panayotov for everything. According to her, the legendary performer behaved rudely. Not only to her, but also to other colleagues. He called them “sulyo and pulyo”. I couldn’t swallow that. His rude attitude is exactly the reason why he didn’t participate in my concert in Burgas. I forgave him. We just have to close the page and move forward with a smile,” said the singer.

Panayotov, for his part, declared: Everything is over for me.

A scandal swirled in the native stage


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