Kiai Not Protected, Church Guarded!

Sunday, April 24, 2022 – 00:12 WIB

VIVAVideo of a kiai slapping a member dear banser viral on social media.

One of the viral videos was uploaded by the Twitter account @id_ayahnyafaris, Saturday (23/4).

“The kyai is not guarded, the church is guarded! Plok!!,” tweeted id_ayahnyafaris in the caption of the video he uploaded, quoted by VIVA, Sunday (24/4).

The uploaded video shows a kiai coming out of his house.

The kiai seemed to be accompanied by several ustaz and his students.

Viral Video Kiai Slaps Loves Banser Members

When he came out in front of his house, he saw a man in banser uniform facing the kiai.

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