Kiai Jombang’s son in Medaeng Rutan, Hopefully his fate will not be like Hendra Medan, Horrified

Friday, 08 July 2022 – 17:32 WIB

Head of the Class I Detention Center Surabaya in Medaeng Wahyu Hendrajati ensured that Bechi was treated the same as other detainees. Photo: Ardini Pramitha/, SURABAYA – Mochamad Subchi Azal Tsani (MSAT) alias Bechi, a suspect in the sexual abuse case against female students, surrendered on Thursday (7/7) at around 23.35 WIB.

From the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School, Losari Village, Ploso District, Jombang, Bechi taken to the East Java Regional Police in Surabaya.

Since Friday (8/7) morning, the son of the Jombang kiai has officially become a resident of the Class I Rutan Surabaya in Medaeng.

“We received the suspect this morning at around 02.00. After the handover, we put them in an isolation room considering that it is still in the pandemic period,” said Head of the Class I Surabaya Rutan in Medaeng, Wahyu Hendrajati, Friday.

He confirmed the suspect molestation case the five female students will receive the same treatment as other inmates.

Wahyu said MSAT alias Bechi is temporarily undergoing a seven-day isolation period.

The son of the Jombang kiai will be placed in the same cell as the other prisoners.

“There are no special cells or rooms because the conditions at the detention center are already overloaded. For new prisoners, we treat them the same,” he said, quoted from JPNN East Java.

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