Kia to launch first electric sedan in 2021

Coming from the Imagine concept, Kia’s first electric sedan is expected to begin marketing by 2021.

Constrained by new European regulations on CO2 emissions, Kia will have to work hard or risk paying heavy fines. A scenario forbidden by the Korean company. ” Next year we will need 40,000 electric vehicles – twice as much as in 2019 – and around 50,000 plug-in hybrids “Summarizes Herrera, head of Kia Europe, in an interview with Automotive News.

An increase in sales which will be associated with the diversification of the manufacturer’s offer. While the new Kia Ceed and XCeed plug-in hybrids are expected in the next few months, the arrival of an electric sedan based on the Imagine concept has also been confirmed by the director of Kia. “The plan is that it will become a production vehicle in a year or two ” did he declare. Revealed last March in Geneva, this sedan with antagonistic doors presented in particular the directions of the manufacturer in terms of design.

The Imagine by Kia concept car of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

More broadly, Kia intends to quickly expand its trendy range. ” We will have both dedicated electric platforms and flexible platforms for combustion cars and electric vehicles ” sums up the leader of Kia. ” Our goal is to have an electric car in almost every segment. Even if it is not confirmed today, I think we have no choice ” complete there.

Lower costs

Another puzzle that the Kia teams have to solve.
The price of electric vehicles. ” In
Kia, we are unable to launch an electric vehicle today
30,000 euros
Confessed the leader, questioning the
Renault announcements regarding the arrival of a “low cost” offer in
10,000 euros.

One of our biggest challenges is to make electric vehicles profitable. The smaller the car, the more complicated it is. Therefore, an electric vehicle at 10,000 euros is very difficult and unrealistic. We know how difficult it is because we are looking to produce an electric version of the Picanto. There is nothing confirmed at this time, but we are seriously considering it. But I don’t think it could be less than 10,000 euros unless you strip the car to the bone ” he justifies.

As for the price of this hypothetical electric Picanto, Emilio Herrera estimates it today at almost 20,000 euros. “You have to add 8,000 to 9,000 euros to the price of gasoline. So, as long as there are tax incentives to support sales of electric vehicles, it could be doable “He explains. And if the leader considers that most government aid in Europe will have disappeared within five years, he considers this transition to electric compulsory. ” We will have to do it. Segments A and B are so important. In Italy, they represent 50% of the market He illustrates.

In reflection, the future electric Kia Picanto could share its characteristics with the Hyundai i10

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