Kia Rio 2021: orders are underway

DEBUTS WITH THE MILLE – After unveiling it in May, orders for the renewed small car are opened Kia Rio: under construction Style ha prices starting at 18,000 euros with the 100 HP 1.0 T-GDi turbo petrol engine and the new iMT 6-speed manual gearbox (who to find out more), which become € 19,750 with the same engine, but with 120 HP and combined with the 7-speed DCT robotised gearbox. With the same engine, the richer GT Line set-up costs 2,000 euros more.

IT’S HYBRID – Both versions of the 1.0 T-GDi of the Kia Rio 2021 they are light hybrids (MHEV), in which an electric motor is connected by belt to the heat engine. During decelerations, the motor-generator recovers energy and recharges the 48-volt battery dedicated to it, while in the push phase it assists the heat engine and helps it to reduce consumption and emissions: CO2, according to the house, decreases between ‘8.1 and 10.7% in the NEDC consumption cycle compared to the old model.

STYLE – Standard, for the Kia Rio under construction Style, manual climate control, LED daytime running lights, leather steering wheel and gear knob, 15 “alloy wheels and multimedia system, equipped with smartphone compatibility and 8” touch screen in the console, are provided, in addition to the cruise control, automatic braking and the system against involuntary lane change; in addition, the version with the double clutch transmission has an adaptive speed regulator.

AT THE TOP IS THE GT LINE – The Kia Rio under construction GT Line it adds automatic climate control, front and rear distance sensors, LED fog lights, 17 ”alloy wheels, engine start via button, aluminum pedals and leather and fabric seats.

TWO PACKAGES – For 650 euros, the Style can have the Comfort package, which includes automatic climate, front and rear distance sensors and rear view camera. The Premium package costs 1,250 euros for the GT Line alone and adds the multimedia system with online services and satellite navigator, LED headlights and two driving aid systems. One is for monitoring the blind spot, which monitors the side and rear areas that the exterior mirrors cannot cover: when a vehicle is in one of these not directly visible to the driver, the system warns him of the possible risk. Then there is the system which, when reversing, keeps the area behind the car under control, signaling in real time the approach of other vehicles in a perpendicular direction.

ALSO WITH LPG – In 2021 the Kia Rio in the basic set-up Urban, with prices starting from € 15,950 for which it offers as standard, among other things, the manual climate, the 15 ”steel wheels and the front window lifters. The only engine that can be ordered for the Urban will be the 84 HP 1.2 MPI naturally aspirated petrol, with dual petrol-LPG fueling and combined with the 5-speed manual gearbox. From 2021, the 1.2 MPI will also be offered for the Kia Rio in the Style version, with a price tag of 18,000 euros.

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