Ki Sung-yong “There was no pressure on the alleged informant.”

Volunteer to press conference after selection trip before opening

Ki Sung-yong, who is suspected of sexual assault, requested a press conference after the opening war with Jeonbuk on the 27th of last month and claimed innocence. Ki Sung-Yong, who is replaced after 36 minutes of appearance as a starter on this day. Newsis

After the opening game of the K-League 1 (Part 1) between Jeonbuk and Seoul held at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 27th of last month, Ki Sung-yong (32, Seoul), who was surrounded by suspicion of sexual assault in elementary school days, volunteered for a press conference. He played for 36 minutes as a starter on this day, “It has nothing to do with me. I’ve never done anything like that. The claim (of the exposed party) can never be admitted. If there is evidence, come out quickly and do not drive public opinion.”

Ki Sung-yong said firmly “No” to the allegations or intimidation alleged by the parties A and B who raised the suspicion. Ki Sung-yong, who spoke directly with Mr. A and contacted Mr. B through an acquainted junior, said, “If I admitted that the disclosure was wrong and published an article, I would think about (meeting). (Mr. A), who had spoken once, hung up because he thought that there was no need to speak with gibberish, such as that he was different. Earlier, on the 26th of last month, Mrs. A and B claimed that Ki Sung-yong had pressured them through Park Ji-hoon on the 26th of last month, and announced that they would deliver a call recording file containing the pressure and convictions to Seoul and Ki Sung-yong. In response, Ki Sung-yong said, “I have never been to talk about money. There can be no saying that he has conjured. If there is evidence, can I show it?”

Ki Sung-yong mentioned that A and B were rather perpetrators of school violence in 2004, and said, “For me, there are many people who can testify about the situation at the time (football department accommodation). There is no mercy in the future (to Mrs. A and B). I will explain the reasons for what purpose and take all measures legally.” Right after Ki Sung-yong interviewed, lawyer Park said through the media, “I will do what Ki Sung-yong wants. I will release all the evidence sooner or later.” Accordingly, it is expected that the battle of truth between the two sides will become more intense. It seems that the physical evidence to prove the alleged damage will be the key to concealing the facts. Reporter Yoo Jae-young elegant@donga.comGo to reporter page>

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