“Ki Seong-yong,” former Gwangju FC head of Gwangju FC, Ki Young-ok, sent comments on charges of embezzlement

[사진 부산 아이파크]

The police, who have investigated the alleged embezzlement of former Gwangju FC head coach Ki Young-ok, the father of soccer player Ki Sung-yong, turned the case over to the prosecution with an opinion of prosecution.

The Gwangju Western Police Department announced on the 12th that it had sent three people, including General Manager Ki, who had been investigated for business embezzlement, as prosecution opinions. According to the police, Mr. Ki is charged with spending about 300 million won in the club’s budget while serving as the head of the Gwangju FC from 2015 to January this year. The police judged that the two members of the club, who were asked to investigate along with Ki, were also accused of embezzlement and betrayal.

Earlier, the Gwangju City Audit Committee caught a charge against the former leader in a specific audit process for Gwangju FC in August and asked the police to investigate. Former Director Ki is the director of the Korea Football Association, the Gwangju City Football Association, and the Gwangju FC Director, and is now the representative director of the professional soccer team Busan I-Park.

Reporter Jang Ju-young [email protected]


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