Khovantsev received a position in the Russian biathlon team

Exactly one month later, on July 11, an extraordinary reporting and election conference of the Russian Biathlon Union will take place in Moscow, at which fundamental decisions will be made on the further work of the department. The closer the fateful date, the more interesting news appears in the Russian biathlon. So, the Ministry of Sports has posted lists of candidates for a place in the national team for next season. The composition of the biathletes probably does not raise questions – even the presence of Dmitry Malyshko seems only appropriate among reservists.

Men’s team:
main cast:Anton Babikov, Kirill Bazhin, Evgeny Garanichev, Matvey Eliseev, Vadim Istamgulov, Rustam Kayumov, Eduard Latypov, Alexander Loginov, Ilnaz Mukhamedzyanov, Petr Pashchenko, Nikita Porshnev, Kirill Streltsov, Semyon Suchilov, Vasily Tomshin, Karim Khalim;
reserve staff:Dmitry Ivanov, Evgeny Idinov, Igor Malinovsky, Dmitry Malyshko, Alexey Petrov, Alexander Povarnitsyn, Evgeny Sidorov, Alexey Slepov.

Women’s team:
main cast:Valeria Vasnetsova, Tamara Voronina, Ekaterina Glazyrina, Anastasia Egorova, Ulyana Kaisheva, Larisa Kuklina, Svetlana Mironova, Anna Nikulina, Ekaterina Noskova (Moshkova), Evgenia Pavlova, Anastasia Porshneva, Kristina Reztsova, Victoria Slivko, Ekaterina Yuryna Starykhova -Percht;
reserve staff:Anastasia Barkovskaya, Daria Virolainen, Natalya Gerbulova, Irina Kazakevich, Elizaveta Kaplina, Rezeda Sibgatullina, Polina Shevnina.

But the list of coaches of the adult team – male and female – raised certain questions, because the composition that was named in the Ministry of Sports is different from what the board of the RRF approved at the meeting on May 27.

Then the list of trainers was as follows:

men:Yuri Kaminsky (head coach), Maxim Maximov, Artem Istomin, Sergey Idinov and Sergey Belozerov;
women:Mikhail Shashilov (head coach), Nikolai Zagursky, Sergey Konovalov, Evgeny Kuvaev and Alexey Volkov.

In a document published on the website of the Ministry of Sports, Dmitry Shukalovich was also included in the coaching staff of the male team, and Leonid Guryev, the shooting coach, for the female team. The latter worked with Russian biathletes last season, but for the next competitive year the board of the RBU was not going to announce it. According to the same scheme, Sergey Rozhkov joined the coaching staff, having returned to the post of head of the male and female teams. He left this post a year ago, but has now been returned.

Returned to the national team of Russia and Anatoly Khovantsev. Last season, he was the head coach of the national team and was eventually fired. Valery Polkhovsky, who was supposed to replace him, was not included in the list of coaches at all.

And this is very interesting, because the board of the SBR on May 27, although it left the post of head coach vacant, but Polkhovsky was included in the coaching staff. Head of the RBU Vladimir Drachev claims that he will not have any relation to the Russian team.

By the way, in the Union they are at all thinking about abolishing the position of head coach. So far this has not happened, and the president of the RRF does not hide the desire and willingness to combine his main activity with the work of the national team head coach.

As for Khovantsev, the important thing is not so much the fact of his return to the national team, but the position that he will occupy.

“Khovantsev is declared as the administrator and consultant of the team. He, as the head of the expert council, will watch, communicate with everyone, ”TASS quoted Vladimir Drachev.

A special expert council will now be created under the RBU, which will include Alexander Privalov and Alexander Elizarov, who have the right to attend training camps, and Khovantsev will essentially advise the coaches of the Russian team. But it is interesting that the 70-year-old specialist again took up the post of administrator, who formally was last season, working as a head coach. However, for organizational issues, Khovantsev was presented with many complaints. Largely because of miscalculations in this area, he was fired. The trainer himself, in his defense, said that organizational activity was not his.

“They said that I’m a bad organizer. Sorry, but I’m not a manager, I’m a coach. And he didn’t take up organizational work, ”

– said Khovantsev in an interview with Sport-Express in April this year.

Now, it turns out, Anatoly Khovantsev has again taken up a post where, as a result, questions will again arise in case of organizational failures, which seems pointless. Perhaps Drachev, who chose the coaching staff according to his preferences, is just looking for support before the upcoming extraordinary report-and-election conference, where he has to defend his presidency.


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