“Khorfakkan Youth” is replanting damaged trees

Sharjah (Union)
The “Sharjah Youth” of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for the Industry of Leaders and Innovators, through the “Khorfakkan Youth Foundation”, volunteered in response to the nation’s call and the duty to exert their humanitarian efforts to unite in order to provide assistance to areas affected by the weather conditions that the country was recently exposed to, through Work to replant trees in those areas.
Seven volunteers from the Khorfakkan Youth Program participated in their summer program “Your Summer and Yana” in supporting the efforts made to rehabilitate the rain-affected areas, in a gesture that shows their awareness and keenness to have a footprint in supporting aspects of humanitarian work within the framework of their summer activities.
The young volunteers played a remarkable role in planting and maintaining the track of Mount Al Rabi in the city of Khorfakkan, after they received a workshop presented by the specialist Sultan Al Obaidli, who is in charge of the mountain track projects in the Government of Sharjah, and qualified them to carry out this important support, which is one of the important aspects of a voluntary project in which they participated in the rehabilitation of the mountain , which prevents damage to the neighboring areas later.
The volunteers of “Khorfakkan Youth” presented their efforts that were integrated in the initiative to build and build mountain paths of all kinds and levels by preserving them, by building retaining walls and performing preventive and corrective maintenance after rain and reef runoff, which is one of the aspects of rehabilitation through those voluntary efforts they implemented in Mount Rabi.
The youth cooperated on using the qualified tools in building the mountain paths, which they acquired in the workshop, in order to apply them professionally and with a keenness to have a qualitative touch in this field, in addition to the method of cultivating and watering the mountainous region.
The volunteer efforts of the youth were complemented by their participation in building the mountain path and starting to plant mountain plants and trees in those mountainous areas, in cooperation with the municipality of Khorfakkan.
Ahmed Shaheen, Director of the Khorfakkan Youth Center, stressed the importance of this initiative, which was met with participation by the youth in participating in the rehabilitation of Al-Rabi Mountain in Khorfakkan through agriculture and the construction of the mountain path, along with the efforts of the Khorfakkan Municipality, to prove their ability despite their young age to this volunteer work amid their joy and their eagerness to participate.
He pointed out that the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Industry, Leaders and Innovators is keen to ensure that young people have their roles in national work and to be part of the building to contribute their cards to this work in which the community joined forces to participate in their efforts in the rain-affected areas and rehabilitate them again.

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