Khloé Kardashian’s sharp complete change

At the complete change that Khloé Kardashian went through in recent years, we want to take a closer look and examine the reality star’s cosmetic surgery in a before-and-after comparison.

We have to admit that the Kardashian clan simply has a tendency to stand up for to put a beautification of the face and body under the knife. In addition to Kylie Jenner, whose beauty transformation we have already examined in detail for you, probably also belongs Khloé Kardashian among her family’s top performers when it comes to cosmetic surgery. As the reality star in the past few years the most dramatic change went through and staged via Instagram with pictures that made one doubt whether it was really Khloé, we want the beauty craze of 36-year-olds Review and show you the development of the Kardashian sister in Before and after comparison.

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Khloé Kardashian has had himself embellished that much

The nose is smaller and changed in shape, the chin and jawbones are narrowed, the lips and breasts are more voluminous and the bottom and hips appear much rounder – if you compare today’s Khloé Kardashian with that of ten years ago, it becomes immediately clear that the reality star had quite a few things done by the cosmetic surgeon. The procedures are said to have cost Kylie Jenner’s sister a full two million dollars. Insider also name the reason for the complete change at the surgeon’s, which was followed by a weight loss of 18 kilos after the divorce with Lamar Odom and 25 kilos after cheating on her daughter True’s father. “The weight loss and therapy helped Khloé feel more comfortable in her skin, but she was still not confident about her appearance. So she decided to do an extreme makeover. “ Evil tongues believe that there is something else behind the beauty transformation: “Some even claim that Khloé is now more beautiful than Kim, which in Khloé’s eyes is the perfect revenge for everything her sister did to her.”

Of course, the current blonde only knows why Khloé went under the knife countless times. However, we will show you in our picture gallery how her face and body have changed in recent years.

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Here you can find more before-and-after routes:


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