Khamenei boasts of “exporting the revolution” and repressing protests

New rallies in universities in solidarity with Kurdistan and Baluchistan

Yesterday, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei boasted of the strategy of “exporting the revolution” to Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, accusing the United States of wanting to overthrow six countries to reduce Iran’s “strategic depth”, and at the same time given the Basij force the green light to continue the campaign of repression against the protests, which today enter its 11th week. .

Khamenei, in his speech to a crowd of the “Basij” militia, limited himself to proposing a conspiracy theory on the Iranian protests, attacking those who asked to “listen to the voice of the people”. Khamenei linked Iran’s regional strategy and mastermind General Qassem Soleimani to the Basij forces. He said that the “spread of the revolution” in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon “has become active” and that “a great job has been done, which is America’s defeat in the three countries.” He spoke of an “American plot” to overthrow six countries. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia, with the aim of “eliminating Iran’s strategic reach and depth in the region”.

While Khamenei has repeatedly described protesters as “rioters”, he urged Basij forces to maintain readiness on the ground, warning that “there are many surprises in the world of politics”. He continued: “The problem is not four rioters on the street, the main enemy is global arrogance,” as quoted by the French news agency.

However, Khamenei stressed that “this does not mean that the Basij should stop confronting the rioters, because this problem needs treatment, and troublemakers need to be punished.”

Meanwhile, student rallies were renewed in Tehran and in various cities, who chanted slogans condemning the repression in Baluchistan and Kurdistan. Three unions released a statement accusing the authorities of committing “genocide” in Iranian Kurdistan.
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