Khaled Al-Nabawi’s wife after he was transferred to the hospital: “You are very tired and please invite him.”

Requested Mona El-Maghraby – the wife of the artist Khaled El-Nabawy – One of his fans praying for him after he was taken to the hospital, where she wrote on her personal account on the social networking site Facebook: “Khaled is tired and taken to the hospital, please invite”, without revealing any details about the health crisis that her husband was exposed to.

Khaled Al-Nabawy’s wife is asking for supplication

Writer Farida Al-Shubashi published a picture a few years ago, collected by artist Khaled El-Nabawy, on her account at the social networking site Facebook and announced his transfer to the hospital, where she wrote: ..Khalid Habib, millions of whom I am … A thousand, the beloved son.

Raida Al-Shobashly announces that Khalid Al-Nabawi has been hospitalized
Raida Al-Shobashly announces that Khalid Al-Nabawi has been hospitalized

Khaled Al-Nabawy celebrated the week before last with the launch of his new movie “One and One Nights” in cinemas, and co-starring the film, Ahmed Al-Fishawi, Dorra, Hanan Mutawa, Khaled Sarhan, Muhammad Adel, Hamza Al-Aili and Shadi Asad, authored by Yahya Fekry, directed by Ayman Makram, and all the events of the film take place in a day and a night in the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood, the most popular neighborhood in Egypt.

Khaled Al-Nabawy had been keen on solidarity and supporting the Egyptian contestant excluded from the competition “The Voice Kids”, the child Heidi Mohamed, by writing a tweet through his official account on the website “Twitter”: “talented Heidi Mohamed, Bravo will remain a great need strong”, with the tag “Egypt _ sweeter-talented“.

Khaled Al Nabawy recently presented the series “Kingdoms of Fire”, which achieved great success and presented the character “Tuman Bay”, and participated in the Syrian action championship Rashid Assaf in the role of “Qansouh Al-Ghoury” uncle “Tuman Bay”, and the affiliate of Al-Ghurya neighborhood in Cairo, and the Syrian artist Mahmoud Nasr, who embodies Sultan Selim the First, the Syrian artist Abdel Moneim Amayeri and embodies Bayazid, the father of Selim I, the Syrian Kinda Hanna in the role of Delbay Habiba Touman Bay, and the artist Mona Wasef as a guest of honor, and the series written by Muhammad Suleiman Abdel Malik.


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