Khaby Lame Becomes the TikToker with the Most Followers in the World


Position Charli D’Amelio as TikToker with the most followers now replaced by Khaby Lamea 22 year old Senegalese content creator based in Italy.

Lame now has 142.7 million followers, overtaking D’Amelio’s 142.3 million followers. For information, in May 2021, D’Amelio has 116.5 million followers and Lame has 61.6 million followers, as quoted by detikINET from The Verge, Friday (24/6/2022).

In case you didn’t know, Lame was originally famous for his hilarious reaction videos responding to various absurd life hacks tutorial videos. But now he is developing by making various other videos, which are still funny and still maintain his trademark, namely without speaking at all.

The number of his followers began to explode in 2021, and in the past few weeks his fans have done many ways to increase the number of followers of the account.

Even so, the advantage in the number of Lame’s followers is not too far from D’Amelio, and it is not impossible to overtake him again. D’Amelio himself is noted to be the first TikTok creator to have 100 million followers.

D’Amelio recorded 100 million followers at the end of 2020, and at that time the number of followers of his closest competitor was still in the range of 50 million followers. In fact, D’Amelio just posted his first video on TikTok in May 2019.

D’amelio and his brother, Dixie, are arguably the most popular figures on TikTok. They even released a song and got into Billboard’s list of Emerging Artists.

Neither of his parents wanted to lose. Heidi and Marc — parents of Charli and Heidi — each have their own TikTok, Instagram and Twitter accounts, of course with their own audiences. They all often appear through the ‘D’Amelio Family’ account on the platform.

Lame’s achievement is interesting, apart from the fact that D’Amelio has held the position of the account with the most followers for a long time, also because TikTok itself has previously been criticized for giving different treatment to black creators.

Then in 2020, after being criticized for its differential treatment of algorithms, TikTok promised to take significant steps to improve it.

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