Khabensky’s son returned to live in Russia

The actor bought a separate apartment in the capital for the heir.

Konstantin Khabensky. Photo:

The son of the artistic director of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater Konstantin Khabensky, 13-year-old Ivan, along with his grandmother, moved from Spain, where he had lived in recent years, to Moscow. He is now attending one of the Moscow gymnasiums. The actor bought an apartment for his son in the capital.

Note that the current wife of Khabensky, actress Olga Litvinova, practically does not participate in Ivan’s upbringing. All the chores still lie with the teenager’s grandmother. At the same time, Ivan sees the children of Khabensky from Litvinova. He plays with his sisters.

As a friend of the actor said, Khabensky did not like that the heir lived far from him. He wanted more communication. This is what caused the move to Russia.

“Kostya missed Vanya unbearably. And Vanya was even a little offended, although he understood that meetings with his father were impossible for objective reasons – pandemics. “

Friend of Konstantin Khabensky

Recall that Ivan’s mother, first wife Khabensky, died when boy was only a year. Anastasia fought a serious illness for several years, reports “TVNZ”.

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