KFC Uerdingen for the first time not a blatant outsider

At FC Wegberg-Beeck
KFC Uerdingen for the first time not a blatant outsider

The Uerdinger are guests at FC Wegberg-Beeck, where they want to celebrate their first win of the season in the regional soccer league. The sporting director Patrick Schneider does not see the team’s performance adequately appreciated.

If the bottom of the table competes with the penultimate, then it’s not just a basement duel, but also a key game. Who will keep up with the teams in front, who will fall further behind? The fact that the encounter between FC Wegberg-Beeck and KFC Uerdingen is just such a game – especially since the club is still threatened with a deduction of nine points due to the bankruptcy application – is denied by the blue-reds. “There is no preliminary decision yet,” says coach Dmitry Voronov. “We have to get our points, whether it’s against Beeck or Essen, doesn’t matter. And I’m not concerned with the possible deduction of points, I’ve always said that. We get our points in a sporty way, the other things are taken care of by the board. “

In the two previous encounters against Alemannia Aachen and Borussia Mönchengladbach II, the KFC have each had a goalless draw. “If you only have one and a half chances, you shouldn’t complain if you don’t score a goal,” says Sporting Director Patrick Schneider. “But then it’s good when you play 0-0. After the 2: 8 at 1. FC Köln II we showed that it was a slip and we stabilized. “

Schneider has the impression, however, that the performance is not properly classified by some. “If you go into the season without preparation, what do you expect? That we have five or six points after four games? ”Once on the move, he describes his point of view:“ We are happy that we are competitive, we have established and proven that. That can also be appreciated. The team did a huge job. “

In fact, for the first time this season, the Uerdingen do not go into the game as blatant outsiders. “It’s the first game where something is expected of us, and that because we got respectable results,” says Schneider. “Beeck has two points in spite of intensive preparation.” He adds courageously: “Of course we will figure things out there.”

But he also knows that it will be a completely different game than, for example, in Oberhausen. The hosts will not be dominant and pressured for more than 90 minutes. The Uerdinger will get their phases in which they are in possession of the ball. “We have to show that we are prepared for it,” says Schneider. “But we mustn’t forget where we come from.”



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