Keys for the fourth wave of coronavirus: chinstrap in closed places, isolation due to contagion and vaccine reinforcements

The infectious disease doctor and former Minister of Health of Santa Fe, Andrea Uboldi, insisted on the recommendation of the use of the chinstrap or mask to prevent contagion of respiratory diseasesincluding the covid-19, especially for closed spaces during the winter months. Furthermore, he reiterated the advice of apply the reinforcements of the coronavirus vaccine.

The specialist told the program it’s not too late (Radio 2) that the fourth wave of coronavirus infections it is conditioned “by the change in the virus and also by a large portion of the vaccinated population” but he clarified that “we currently have circulation of covid, flu and other respiratory viruses.”

“If one is with respiratory symptoms you have to isolate yourself because any of these respiratory conditions is contagious, with absolute recommendation of swabbing for risk groups and health personnel. Isolating yourself favors not continuing to infect, whether it’s flu or covid “, recommended Uboldi.


About him use of the chinstrapthe former minister from Santa Fe said that “there was a bad communication when saying that the chinstrap ceased to be mandatory, that is to say that the State ceased to control the use of the chinstrap”.

“The message was not accompanied by the recommendation to wear a mask because we all knew that we were entering a period of high respiratory pathologies during May and June. The “non-mandatory” was understood by the population with the idea that it is not necessary to use any chinstrap, when in reality what it means is that the state will not control. But it is still recommended for closed places and especially for risk groups, “explained the doctor.

In addition, Uboldi argued that “proposing that the use of the chinstrap is not mandatory should have been accompanied by a strong recommendation for its use in closed spaces because the virus ceased to be serious but we are entering a time of strong circulation of respiratory diseases.”

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“The pandemic showed that the chinstrap has a benefit outside the health system, where it was already used for some cases. The chinstrap is here to stayallows to reduce the contagion of respiratory diseases”, he insisted.

Vaccine and boosters

Regarding the application of vaccine reinforcements, the doctor reiterated the recommendation to apply the corresponding reinforcements and advanced that “the vaccine model for covid could be similar to that of the flu; that is could have reinforcements in certain periods for the population in risk conditions”.

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