Keylor Navas: The Concacaf footballer with the most titles in Europe

Keylor Navas continues to grow his legend in European footballWell, this Wednesday, the archer became the Concacaf footballer with the most titles in Europe by reaping his 16th championship, after winning the French Super Cup this Wednesday, after PSG’s triumph over Marseille by a score of 2 goals to 1.

The Costa Rican started the game in which Mauricio Pochettino won his first title at the helm of PSG, which also it became Navas’ 16th championship in Europe, thereby beating Rafael Márquez as the winningest Concacaf footballer in Europe.

The goals of Mauro Icardi and Neymar gave the Parisian squad its tenth French Super Cup, which had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic and that became the fourth title since Keylor Navas arrived at PSG.

Keylor’s titles in Europe

The legend of Navas in Europe continues to grow, as he reached 16 championships in Europe. same that are divided into 4 Club World Cups (Real Madrid), 3 Champions League (Real Madrid) 3 European Super Cups (Real Madrid), 1 Spanish League (Real Madrid), 1 Spanish Super Cup (Real Madrid), 1 Ligue One (PSG), 1 French Cup (PSG), 1 League Cup (PSG) and 1 French Super Cup (PSG).

Navas added the only French championship that was missing in his showcase since he arrived at PSG, a team with which he came close to winning the last UEFA Champions League, in which he lost in the grand final against Bayern Munich.

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