Kevorkian: Time for “Party of Idiots”. The motto will be: “Continuing the Deception”

Kevork Kevorkian, Facebook


It’s time to establish a “Party of Idiots”.

Its motto will be: “We Continue the Deception”.

There are no such scammers anywhere in the world.

They silenced the universe that they weren’t going to buy the damn Russian gas.

Proklekha forever and ever from the Gazprom publisher.

They self-produced in the Main “Russophobes”.

They have a right.

Here’s why:

in the last three months, the Bulgarian state – left in the greasy hands of the two main “Russophobes” – bought Russian gas for 630/six hundred and thirty million euros;

of them – 200/two hundred million euros is the profit of their personal intermediaries, who increase the price of gas by 30%.

Thus, 200 million euros go to trustees of the Master Fraudsters – instead of the state’s deep pockets.

For more than 50 years, I have pondered how many silicas I have,

over our common Destiny.

But I’ve never seen you being made a fool of in such an idiotic way before.

It is an expression of pathological contempt for you.

One fellow/Asen Vassilev has been saying since February that we will never buy Russian gas again. Never!

Now, however, his teeth are like plastic jaws – and he is babbling that he did not know that Russian gas was bought.

However, the other partner/Kircho Petkov admits that it was bought – only by Gazprom, only Russian.

Are these normal people?

Come on, let’s go spin the new Party of Idiots.

Who continues to like them – with them!

Thus we will count those who accept cheating as an inalienable part of the Bulgarian Being.

They encourage you to accept the deception – and thus hope to break and lumpenize you for good.

Who is interested in Bulgaria going wild in such a way?

Who is secretly encouraging the two con men?

Who is this insidious force?

Will you learn the answers while waving foreign flags in front of

the Bulgarian presidency?

I wonder how the truth about the scam with Russian gas will affect ordinary Russophobes?

Will she change their attitude towards the gas saint ProstoKircho?

“Gazprom” is not a problem, the problem is the slanderers – fictitious “Russophobes”. Their “Russophobia” goes on vacation when they smell rubles.

“Russophobia” is their cover, their defense.

As fictitious/fraudulent as it is, they manage to market it well.

She is the mirror with which they try to clean their faces stained by fraud.

But the audience says to themselves: “Nothing is normal in this country, since even its Chief Russophobe is a proven Deceiver.”

One clarification.

It is doubtful to define as Russophobia traditional attitudes/moods for part of the Bulgarian society.

Moreover, it is not at all a question of some frank, furious dislike of everything “Russian” – but rather of the Kremlin, the nomenclature ugliness, the protrusions of the state machine.

“Russophobia” or “Kremlophobia”? – the second definition seems more credible.

Because, as Eduard Limonov used to say, everything is always decided in one of the towers of the Kremlin, sometimes they even fight with each other.

Erofeev said that Russia and the Russian people are two different things, that Russians should be “separated from Russia”.

It is unfair to attribute any blame to the Russian people – at least, because at least once they mainly suffered the survival of Europe – otherwise we would now be speaking Bulgarian only to our horses/if we revise the little-known phrase of Georgi Dimitrov at the Leipzig trial .

And where is our Impostor while he sticks his “Russophobia” in our faces, so profitable for him – in the Kremlin or in the powerful Russian business?

In order not to waste unnecessary time, let’s say directly: at those who are closest to his pocket.

In the illustration attached to the memorandum, you can see an invoice that regulates the relations between “Bulgargaz” and one of the intermediaries – the “MET” company.

A person from the company in question is currently the head of Bulgargaz.

Fraudsters set a new world record for brazenness.

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