Kevin/Marcus Reveals Causes of Defeat at India Open 2023

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Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo/Marcus Fernaldi Gideon lost in the quarterfinals India Open 2023. They admit that Liang Weikeng/Wang Chang played solidly in that match.

Kevin/Marcus lost with a score of 12-21, 18-21 in the match against Liang/Wang. Kevin/Marcus had difficulty finding gaps in Liang/Wang’s defense in the first game.

Meanwhile, in the duel in the second game, Kevin/Marcus showed a comeback in the final half. However, Liang/Wang was able to survive Kevin/Marcus’ threats and won at the end of the fight.

“The opponent looked good. The defense was solid and difficult to penetrate. My energy has also run out. I kept bringing it up and up. If the game ends rubber game Anyway, I think I’ll be very tired.”

“Frankly, my energy is running out. It’s also difficult to fight those who are young and have power big,” Marcus said in a PBSI release.

Marcus considered the tight duel against Ren Xiang Yu/Tan Qiang to be one of the factors that also influenced their performance in the quarter-finals.

Recovery We don’t think we have fully recovered after playing tight and rubber games yesterday. My legs are still sore.”

“The opponent is very strong. When attacked, they don’t die easily. When they attack, we die immediately,” said Marcus.

Liang/Wang’s toughness was also recognized by Kevin. According to Kevin, Liang/Wang have good defense and attack.

“Today’s opponent really played very well. They are not easily killed. The defense is so strong. Besides that, the attack is also good.”

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“Today I also couldn’t focus on my own game,” said Kevin.

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