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Kevin Durant would not have gone to Orlando, even in great shape

Somewhere maybe better than Kevin Durant is not physically ready to play. If he had been, he would have surely made the media headlines one month before the resumption of the NBA season on the Orlando side.

Why ? Because KD explained this week in l’émission Dawg Talk that even if he had been in full possession of his means – he’s still recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon – he probably wouldn’t have gone to play at Disney World Resort with the Brooklyn Nets.

“I think I probably wouldn’t have played because of all the uncertainties around the situation. The situation looks crazy right now. There are so many new cases and it’s so unpredictable. It’s easy for me to say because I’m injured, but I think I wouldn’t have gone.

[…] Obviously, I would have discussed it with my teammates for a month and a half. Simply, my instinct tells me that I would have said no, especially after three months off.

If the guys feel safe enough to play that’s cool, I support them. But if they don’t feel confident enough, I support them too “.

One can imagine that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would have made the same decision. The leader of the Nets has him, so far, more insisted on the importance of social reform in the United States, but the health aspect of the thing was obviously in his thinking. A few days ago, Irving led the debate among a group of skeptics about the resumption of the season.

Among these, Avery Bradley, the back of the Los Angeles Lakers, has already withdrawn. For slightly different reasons, Davis Bertans, the Washington Wizards winger, also passed his turn.

In any case, a Kevin Durait package would necessarily have made a lot, a lot more noise …

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