Kevin Durant explains why he preferred Brooklyn to New York

The rumor of a potential signing of Kevin Durant to the Knicks fueled NBA news for many months last season. Eventually, the winger joined their Brooklyn neighbors, the Nets. KD recently explained his choice.

Although the Knicks had a decent offseason, all of their signings were Plan B. Plan A was obviously to sign. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving during the free agency. With the draft of the talented RJ Barrett, the trio could have done some damage in the Eastern Conference.

Eventually, the 2 stars decided to join the Nets, leaving the Knicks off guard. With the signing of players like Julius Randle or Marcus Morris, the Manhattan players have done well, intelligently managing the durations and amounts of contracts. But none of those players will replace a player of Kevin Durant’s caliber, and the sadness of having missed the shot.

Guest of the show “How Hungry Are You? On the YouTube channel of his former teammate Serge Ibaka, KD explained his choice to join the Nets rather than the Knicks.

I liked the organization and the direction they were taking, all the young players they have… They made the playoffs last year. The Knicks have some good young players but they still need a little experience to match where I’m at in my career.

It was nothing against the Knicks, it was just that the Nets were further along in the process of becoming a title contender.

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KD was therefore enthusiastic about the Nets project, which is sportier more attractive than that of the Knicks. For 3 seasons, the Brooklyn franchise has continued to progress until reaching the playoffs last season. The reconstruction carried out by GM Sean Marks is a model of its kind, especially when one remembers the fiasco that the trade of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett had become in 2013, which had caused the Nets to lose many first rounds of drafting.

So the work ended up paying for the franchise, and recognition followed. By being patient and smart in his choices, Sean Marks has put Brooklyn on the map of the healthiest and most stable teams in the league. What played in the decision of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

This season, KD will not be playing. The Nets staff will not take any risks and will be patient with the winger, who will return for the 2020 season. At that time, BKN can then really become a serious contender in the conquest of the NBA title.

Until then, the Nets still have a season to play. Kyrie Irving will be well dressed, surrounded by all the role players who made the success of the Nets last year. Without their star winger, it will be difficult to aim high in the East. But we can count on the Nets to play spoilsport in the playoffs in this conference, pending the return of Durantula.

The stability of the franchise and the sporting project, these are the criteria that convinced Kevin Durant to sign with the Nets rather than the Knicks. Now, the Manhattan franchise is focused on the development of its young players, and no doubt they will be keen to prove to KD that he is in the wrong neighborhood in New York.

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