Ketum Persis proud of the national police chief attending the Congress – pay attention


The chief of the national police, General Listyo Sigit participated in the opening of the XVI Congress of Islamic Unity (Persis). The President General of Persis, KH Aceng Zakaria, admitted that he was very proud of the presence of the Chief of the National Police.

On Saturday (9/24/2022) the opening of the XVI Persis Congress was held in Sorang, Bandung. Aceng Zakaria judges thanks to the support Sigit events can take place in a safe and orderly manner.

“Of course I feel proud, as well as grateful for the presence of the Chief of Police, Kapolda and Kapolres Bandung. It means that with their support, I am very happy that the Muktamar event went safely, in an orderly fashion thanks to their support. “said KH Aceng Zakaria.


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With Sigit’s direct presence, Aceng admitted that he felt real concern from the chief of the national police for Islamic-based organizations. Aceng then prayed that Sigit would receive a suitable reward from Allah SWT.

“The national police chief is really paying attention, to the point that he deliberately went down to Bandung to help streamline this congress. Hopefully Allah will reward him,” Aceng said.

Aceng admitted to knowing Sigit. He also admitted that he met often when she was in Jakarta.

“So he also misses meeting me here,” he said.

Opening of the XVI Congress of Islamic Unity (Persis) (

In addition to National Police Chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo, other figures would also be present at this event. Some of them are Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil.

It has been claimed that the 16th Persis Congress was held to discuss crucial and strategic decisions. The congress will also plan future activities and the evaluation of previous programs and the election of a new general president.

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