Kessie: “Milan, I only want you. I would like to stay for life”

The Ivorian speaks on the Gazzetta on newsstands: “I’ll be back from the Olympics and fix everything, I would like to stay AC Milan forever. Maldini and Massara know my thoughts”

by our correspondent Francesco Ceniti

A declaration of love from Japan: “I am proud to have chosen Milan and it is not my intention to leave. On the contrary, I want to stay forever.” Words and music by Franck Kessie, who in an exclusive interview in the Gazzetta on newsstands promises to resolve the renewal issue with the Rossoneri club soon: “Now the Games, but when I come back from the Olympics I’ll fix everything”. The formidable Ivorian midfielder now engaged in Tokyo with his national team remarks several times: “I only want Milan, Maldini and Massara know my thoughts. I like it so much when the ultras sing a President, there is only a President … ‘. Well, I want to be for life. At least football … “.




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