Kerala Women Football League Gokulam Kerala FC Beat Luka Soccer Club One Sided 11 Goals | Kerala Women’s Soccer League; A one-sided win with 11 goals for Gokulam FC

Kozhikode : Gokulam Kerala FC once again won in the Kerala Women’s Football League with the brilliant performance of Ghanaian player Vivian Konadu Adjei. Gokulam Kerala FC advanced with clear dominance from the first whistle on the pitch and came out victorious with 11 one-way goals. In the Kerala Women’s Football League match held at Kozhikode Corporation Stadium, GKFC defeated Luca Soccer Club by 11 goals without any opposition.

The brilliant performance of Ghanaian player Vivian Konadu Adjei gave the Malabar team a great victory. Of the eleven goals scored by Gokulam, eight were scored by the team’s striker, the African player. Vivian started her goal hunt in the second minute of play. Subsequently, Luca’s network was filled by Vivian at 6, 22, 31, 33, 45 + 3, 46 minutes. The coach was withdrawn from the field in the 60th minute and scored a goal in the 52nd minute to excite the ground.

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Abhirami in the 32nd minute, Manasa in the 58th minute and Sonia in the 61st minute were the other players who scored for Gokulam. From the start of the match, Gokulam’s players were massed near Luka’s goal post, and Luka was only able to shock Gokulam in the 19th minute of the match. There have been moves like this from time to time since, but Gokulam’s goalkeeper Vineetha has often proved to be the savior.

But on the other hand, Luca’s goalkeeper was often seen wavering in front of Gokulam’s many moves. Gokulam’s women scored seven goals in the first half and four in the second half. The most beautiful of these was Vivian’s goal in the 33rd minute when she took a solo shot from halfway and fooled Luca Varsha’s goalkeeper. Vivian was also the player of the match. Santhosh Trophy Honored former Kerala star Zubair Vivian by gifting a moment.

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