Kento Momota Advances to the top 4 with a come-from-behind victory | au Web Portal Sports News

◆ Badminton ▽ All Japan Championship 4th day (25th, Machida City General Gymnasium, Tokyo)

No. 1 in the world ranking in the men’s singles quarterfinalsKento Momota(26) = NTT East = defeated Hashiru Shimono (23) = Tonami Transport = 13-21, 21-10, 21-9 in a come-from-behind victory and advanced to the semi-finals on the 26th. Momoda took the initiative in the first game by allowing the opponent to smash 6 consecutive goals from the 7-7 scene, and dropped the game for the first time in this tournament, but said, “I can lose, so let’s get out of myself.” Switch feelings and overwhelm after the second game. “I thought I should go to the first game too politely. I thought I shouldn’t end it bearish,” he said with a relieved expression.

Although the content of the game was difficult, after the second game, he showed various attacks such as a strong smash, a lob shot with a course, and a hairpin that the opponent could not reach. “A come-from-behind victory gives me momentum. I’m glad I got over it today,” he said, grabbing a response toward his third straight victory.


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