Kellyanne Conway leaves the White House

Eone of the most famous advisers to America’s President Donald Trump withdraws from the White House. Kellyanne Conway, who already supported Trump in the election campaign four years ago, wants to vacate her post in American government headquarters at the end of the month, reported the Washington Post, citing a statement by Conway.

According to the report, Conway informed Trump of her decision in the White House on Monday night. She explained the move with private reasons. She made the decision with a view to what was best for her children. “From now on this will mean less drama and more mom for my beloved children”, informed Conway.

Conway was considered one of the faces of the Trump administration. She regularly defended the president in television appearances. Conway’s husband, George T. Conway, is a well-known Trump critic. He also supports the so-called “Lincoln Project”, an initiative of Republicans who want to prevent Trump from being re-elected. George Conway announced now, to withdraw from the initiative and also taking a break from Twitter, where he regularly attacked Trump.

A daughter of the two recently criticized Kellyanne Conway’s work on Twitter and received a lot of attention for it.


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