Kelly stops Giants again; the diamondbacks win

PHOENIX (AP) – Merrill Kelly continued to dominate the San Francisco Giants this season, leading the Arizona Diamondbacks to a 5-2 win on Saturday.

The defeat ended San Francisco’s five-game winning streak.

Kelly (13-7) pitched seven innings and gave up just four wins and two points, improving his ERA for the season to 3.13. He eliminated six rivals and walked one.

It’s 3-0 against the Giants this season, with a 1.53 ERA in five starts. He is likely to meet them again next weekend when the two clubs meet in San Francisco.

Dominican Reyes Moronta has solved the ninth chapter for his second save. He pulled out two strikeouts.

The defeat went to Alex Cobb (6-7).

For the Giants, the Venezuelan Wilmer Flores 4-0.

For the Diamondbacks, the Dominicans Ketel Marte 4-1, Geraldo Perdomo 3-1 with two RBI.

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