Kellner was saddened by the fight for Prazdroj, as the Japanese roughly reimbursed him, kf supervision of the PPF Dostlek board | Companies and markets

Prague Practically from the meeting, the auditor and founder of the Czech branch of the KPMG consulting company, František Dostlek, inspected PPF’s national investment books and for many years monitored all of Petr Kellner’s transactions. This has been the case since the time when various socialist piers became prosperous and bankrupt companies in our country at the end of the 1990s, and to the present. Since 2018 Dostlek d supervised the board in the Netherlands sdlc of the PPF Group.


Petr Kellner thought for a long time and internationally, that was why František Dostlek, one of the founders of the Czech Republic’s richest Czechs, one of the founders of the Czech branch of KPMG and now the supervisory board and audit committee of Kellner’s PPF Group.

According to Dostlek, the role of Petr Kellner in leveling the company’s culture strategy was irreplaceable. Kellner proved his ability to get baldness at the arrest, and he didn’t hesitate to take the risk, to Dostlek in an interview. At the end of the 1990s, KPMG closely monitored the performance of emerging investment funds in privatized companies. For many people, it was a whole new role that some of them managed, others did not. From this point of view, how do you evaluate the PPF representative at this time?
You are right that the influence of some representatives of investment funds and their performance on one board of directors did not benefit privatized companies. However, everyone has enjoyed it and I would say that PPF representatives usually faster than others.

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