Keith Raniere’s lawyer reveals list of 117 victims “due to technical error”

Keith Raniere, company leader Executive Success Programs (ESP, for its acronym in English) and founder of the NXIVM sect, was sentenced to 120 years in prison on October 27, 2020, under the charges of sex trafficking Y child abuse. Steven A. Melcaft II, one of his lawyers, inadvertently revealed the list of victims.

Melcaft II, who is working on an appeal process against the sentence of his client, Keith Raniere, leaked “due to a technical error” a list where the names of 117 of the victims appear of the sect known as NXIVM and the secret group known as The Vow (The FROM).

The prosecutors in charge of the appeal qualified as an indignifying violation of human rights the act perpetrated by the defense of Keith Raniere. They also indicated that, in the past, they refused to keep the identity of the victims secret.

The mark made on a victim of NXIVM (Special)

Nicholas Garaufis, one of the judges involved in this new process, ruled that the names of the victims should remain under the protection of the United States authorities.

NXIVM and the secret group The Vow were headed by Keith Raniere, who behind the facade of offering courses in coaching personal Y business, was dedicated to recruiting minors and women for human trafficking, all under a scheme similar to that of the pyramid companies.

Raniere was arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Special)

In Mexico, Raniere also gave self-help courses to different celebrities in politics, among which stands out the Morena’s candidate for governor of Nuevo León, Clara Luz Flores, who even appears in a video with the aforementioned cult leader.

Raniere lies secluded in the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), located in your hometown Brooklyn, in New York.



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