Kediri City Government Provides 9 Free Health Centers for HIV and STI Checks – Lentera Today

KEDIRI (Lenteratoday) – The City Government of Kediri provides free HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) screening services at 9 health centers and 6 hospitals spread across 3 sub-districts in Kediri City. This is a commitment to reduce the risk of HIV and STI transmission in the city of Kediri.

Commemorating World Aids Day 2021, Mayor Abdullah Abu Bakar advised high-risk communities not to be afraid to check themselves early. “The community can consult through WPA in the kelurahan, later it will be facilitated further to the health facilities. Our target is that HIV cases in the city of Kediri can be identified early, the number of people undergoing treatment is commensurate, and the recovery rate increases,” said Mas Abu.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Kediri City Health Office, Dr. Fauzan Adima, said that the people of Kediri City could access HIV and STI screening services for free at health facilities (faskes) through the Volunteer Counseling Test (VCT).

“In addition, several health facilities also have Support Care and Treatment (PDP) services so that in addition to examination and counseling, positive patients will immediately receive medication. Such as the VCT Poly at Gambiran Hospital, Ahmad Dahlan Hospital, Pesantren 1 Health Center, Balowerti Health Center, and Campurejo Health Center,” said dr. Fauzan

Apart from going through the VCT Poly directly, there are several polys that will continue with the VCT Poly. For example, if you find a General Polyclinic patient with symptoms suggestive of HIV, a TB patient, and a pregnant woman at the MCH Poly, they will be referred to the VCT Poly for an early examination. dr. Fauzan also added that the spirit and role of health facilities in synergizing with Community Social Institutions (NGOs) that care about Aids who approach key populations is considered quite good.

As stated by the Head of the Pesantren 1 Puskesmas, drg. Raya Mulyasari through the HIV Person in Charge of the Pesantren 1 Public Health Center Imam Ma’ruf. Not only checking and giving medicine, there is a synergy with NGOs that care about Aids in the City of Kediri as a patient companion, able to suppress the presence of AIDS loss follow up or patients who run away after treatment.

“The existence of NGOs and Citizens Care for Aids as companions as well as being friends to confide in so that patients are comfortable while undergoing treatment. Because these patients have to take medication for life, it is not uncommon for some cases to occur loss follow up and we are trying to keep pressing the case,” said Imam.

In terms of confidentiality of patient data, Imam conveyed that this had become the commitment of puskesmas officers and assistants. “We are willing to keep the patient’s condition a secret, even if the patient’s family wants it to die. If estimated. Approximately 99 percent of the cases we handle, the family doesn’t know,” added Imam.

According to data from the Health Office of the City of Kediri, in January-October there were 160 cases of HIV findings in the City of Kediri. Whereas previously, until 2020 there were 219 cases of findings. A total of 379 cases were recorded.

Reporter: Gatot Sunarko

Editor: Endang Pergiwati