Kedge releases 100,000 euros for its students in very precarious situations

The Kedge business school in Talence, near Bordeaux. – Clément Carpentier / 20 Minutes

Kedge does not want to leave its students on the side of the road in this period of health crisis. The large business school located mainly in Bordeaux and Marseille announced this Thursday morning that it was exceptionally unlocking 100,000 of its emergency fund exclusively for its students faced with significant financial difficulties linked to the epidemic of
Covid-19 coronavirus.

This fund, normally endowed with 20,000 euros per year, was almost entirely used up this year. The Kedge Foundation decided to donate 50,000 euros at first and the school did the same. For Céline Claverie, Secretary General of the establishment, “It seemed inconceivable to us not to act to come to the aid of our poorest students in the face of this unprecedented health and economic crisis. “

5,000 students take distance courses

Kedge will study the individual situations of each student due to the crisis: breach of internship agreement, breach of student employment contracts, housing issues, financial difficulties encountered by financiers, difficulties related to expatriation abroad … And some may therefore benefit from financial aid.

The Wellness teams (support and moral support system for students of the School) made up of salaried volunteers and psychologists are also mobilized to help students who encounter difficulties in this period of unprecedented confinement: fight against isolation and sedentary lifestyle, prevention of anxiety states, adaptation to student life at a distance …

Since the start of confinement, nearly 5,000 students have been taking distance courses daily.

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