KBM Face to Face in Sumedang will Begin Gradually in 16 Districts

Sumedang Regent, Dony Ahmad Munir. (Photo: Special)

NOTIF.ID, SUMEDANG – Sumedang Regent Dony Ahmad Munir will prioritize 16 of the 26 sub-districts that can apply teaching and learning activities (KBM) face to face. 16 sub-districts are sub-districts in Sumedang which are free of Covid-19.

“We will prioritize 16 sub-districts where there have never been positive cases of Covid-19,” said Dony Ahmad Munir, in the Sumedang State Building, West Java, Tuesday 4 July 2020.

At present, he said, Disdik Sumedang is working on the technical implementation of KBM face-to-face. Starting from finalizing the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), the readiness of its human resources, and to the rules of the application of health protocols in schools. He will also implement KBM face-to-face in a gradual manner.

“The implementation will be gradual, and will start from the level of high school / vocational school, then later junior high school, and lower level,” said Dony.

“This will be done in stages while we evaluate. We don’t want to go straight, the implementation will start from students in class 3, class 2, and class 1, “he continued.

As for the implementation of technical formulation, according to him, in order to ensure that there is no new Covid-19 cluster in Sumedang. Therefore, KBM face to face must be really carried out with a very mature preparation.

Furthermore, Dony explained, his party had instructed Disdik Sumedang to form the Covid-19 Task Force in each school. This was done so that the Covid-19 preventive health protocol was applied effectively throughout the school.

“Later the Covid-19 Task Force in every school will be responsible for the effectiveness of health protocols in schools,” he said.

In addition, Dony added, he had also asked Disdik Sumedang to continue to coordinate with the West Java Provincial Government and the Central Government. Even so, Dony stressed that the implementation of KBM face-to-face will not be determined this week.

“Not opening this week, maybe this week Disdik Sumedang will first report to me what the implementation format is. Then we will close with the Covid-19 Task Force. We do not want to hurry because this involves the safety of the lives of students and educators, “he said.(kia / ell)

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