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Kazakhstan Flooding Crisis: Governor Faces Angry Residents, Promises Compensation

According to him, in the future, by correcting the outflow in Kazakhstan, flooding problems in several areas can be avoided. Meanwhile, the people of Kurgan are preparing for the big flood.

At the same time, Yakushev called the actions of the regional authorities, who received advance warnings from the Hydrometeorological Center about the floods, “adequate”. “Everything that concerns the regions, today they have used up all the resources and all the means, including the budgets of the regions are already beginning to be spent,” said Yakushev.

The worst flood situation was in the Orenburg region, where on April 5 in Orsk, a dam broke on the Ural River after the water level rose. The maximum water level in the Ural River in Orenburg is expected on April 10. A state of emergency has been declared in the region. The same regime has been introduced in some districts of Tyumen, Kurgan and Samara regions.

The governor of the Orenburg region, Denis Pasler, had to communicate with angry local residents. Several hundred residents of Orsk gathered in front of the administration building on Monday evening and demanded a meeting with the governor, shouting “Shame” and “Putin, help!”. The local prosecutor’s office even issued a warning about the inadmissibility of uncoordinated protests.

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“It’s everybody’s fault,” Pasler said when asked about the causes of the flooding. “I have no doubt that the criminal cases will be brought to a logical conclusion,” added the governor. The investigative committee has already initiated a criminal case for the breach of the dam under articles of negligence and violation of safety regulations during construction.

By April 9, more than 10,000 houses were flooded throughout the region, and more than 6,000 residents were evacuated. The regional government has started making the first payments to the victims – up to 100 thousand rubles, if the property is completely lost. At Monday’s rally, at the request of those gathered, Governor Pasler promised to pay the full value of the lost property.

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