Kayna Samet’s betrayal does not pass

The Duca turned on the singer as well as Sinik and Diam’s.

Booba has always held a grudge and it hasn’t calmed down in recent years. He who often spoke of loyalty in his sounds ended up falling out with almost all the artists he worked with over the past twenty years. One of the latest on the list is Kayna Samet. The singer behind the classic chorus of “Destinée”, one of Booba’s most legendary songs, recently attracted the wrath of the Duke by doing a feat with Maes (another ex-protégé of Kopp, with whom he fell out).

The least we can say is that the fact that the singer has collaborated with Booba’s number 1 enemy at the moment does not pass at all. So he used his Instagram account (well, one of his unofficial accounts) to send missiles to Kayna Samet, firing a small burst at Sinik. He posted a photo where you could see the two artists reunited, writing: “You were the wife of this shmeta, we should have known, it’s really our fault!”.

It thus refers to the couple formed by Sinik and Kayna at the time. Booba then continues with a photo of Diam’s and Kaynaon which we can read: “If we had known Kayna… you would end up like your girlfriend”as well as “It will write books”. All followed by several half-mocking, half-threatening messages… Kopp is suspected of being very bored in Miami and trying to collect all the old “files” to still try to make the buzz… To see if that will take this time!

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