Kaufland, recycling machines in all stores in Romania. What benefits do they bring to those who use them

“With the development of an easily accessible ecological infrastructure, Romanians are becoming more interested in protecting the environment and choose in increasing numbers to recycle pets, bottles or aluminum cans,” the source said.

Thus, in order to support environmentally responsible behavior, Kaufland Romania has created the first national network of selective packaging collection machines, which is now available in all cities in the country where the company is present.

According to the data transmitted by the company, over one million customers have used, from January until now, the vending machines provided by Kaufland Romania, recycling over 5,700,000 packages.

In this context, under the slogan “Recycle and Save”, Kaufland is launching a large-scale campaign to encourage recycling, increasing the discounts offered on certain products on sale.

Kaufland’s goal is to be the most accessible and convenient destination for recycling, but also to show people that at Kaufland every sustainable gesture comes with a reward.

Thus, customers who deposit packaging for recycling are rewarded with a discount coupon, which can be used in the store for shopping.

The mechanism is simple: the customer who brings 5 ​​containers (PET with a volume of up to 3 liters, bottles or aluminum cans with a volume of up to 1 liter) to the vending machines in the parking lots of Kaufland stores across the country receives a 10% voucher extra discount compared to the promo price communicated in the offer, for a magazine article.

The item is marked with the “Recycle and Save” coin. For example, starting Wednesday, customers who recycle can buy Pepsi / 7UP / Mirinda / Montain Dew 6 doses at 0.33 l, with a promotional price of 21%, 10.65 lei, reduced from 13.49 lei.

Coupons can be obtained and used for 2 weeks in all Kaufland stores that have at least one recycling machine.

The company started equipping stores in the country with selective collection vending machines in 2018, with 3 stores, reaching today a network of 144 vending machines, and the number of customers who recycle has now increased by over 40% compared to the 700,000 who recycled in September 2020.

Kaufland aims to reduce the use of plastic by 20% by 2025, and 100% of the packaging of its own branded products to be made of materials that allow a maximum level of recyclability.

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