Kaufland oil earned a 15,000 lei profit

A woman from Iași who had broken her hand slipping on the floor of a supermarket won the fight with the chain of stores for good. Kaufland was forced by Iasi judges to pay the woman 15,000 lei in damages. The amount awarded by the magistrates is between the claims of the Iasi and the maximum offer of Kaufland.

CV had gone shopping on the morning of April 19, 2019, in the Kaufland Stone Bridge. Due to an unmarked oil slick, located near the fruit and vegetable area, the woman fell, hitting her right hand. The pain caused her to report to the UPU, where she was found to have suffered a fist fracture. For six weeks, her hand was immobilized in plaster, unable to work at home or at home, where she cared for her ailing father. One month after the woman informed Kaufland of the accident, the company offered to pay her 10,000 lei in compensation. CV refused the offer, and the case went to court.

In front of the magistrates of the Court, the woman requested material compensations in the amount of 3,500 lei and moral damages of 20,000 lei. The judges did not question the fairness of the claims, as evidenced by the fact that the woman had already been offered compensation, so Kaufland had admitted responsibility. Instead, the magistrates considered it necessary to censor the amount of compensation. They considered only material claims of 1,397 lei demonstrated, representing the medical expenses incurred by CV. For the rest of the material claims, respectively the difference between the net income and the allowance received during the medical leave, CV had not submitted supporting documents.

Also, the judges assessed as sufficient the granting of moral damages in the amount of 15,000 lei. The court’s ruling was challenged by Kaufland in both the Tribunal and the Court of Appeal. The last appeal was exhausted on Monday, when the Court of Appeal dismissed Kaufland’s appeal, upholding the original sentence.

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