Katy Perry surprises with her new hair color wearing a pink latex dress: She wears her red hair

Katy Perry’s hits don’t stop ringing. The American singer continues to show the best of her music, always hand in hand with a renewed image. And this time, it was not black that was chosen, but red, the color with which it changed unexpectedly.

Over the past few years, Daisy Dove’s mother has amazed her fans with her versatility to present herself to her audience. It is known that she is not afraid of changes and in that eagerness to seek to reinvent herself on stage, she has been creative with regard to her appearance.

Katy Perry changes from blonde to redhead

With a carousel of unpublished photographs, Katy Perry gave her fans a glimpse of the past as the inspiration for the recording of the clip of her song “Harley’s in Hawai”, in which she appears with her boyfriend Orlando Bloom. It was thanks to the song going viral on TikTok that her latest album reached a milestone.

And it was a previous publication in which he celebrated, and the one that caught the attention of his fans when they saw the pop star with another style. With a pose, he celebrated that his album Smile will reach one billion views on Spotify and he did it big.

“1 billion total @spotify streams in #smile time to carry out the big balloons. Thank you, Kcs, “he wrote at the bottom of the caption of the post that his fans welcomed.

The singer wanted to make it special and she looked beautiful in the postcard with a long pale pink latex dress, with a strapless neckline, and a large opening on her left leg. As a sign of the celebration, in his hand he held a set of red balloons in the shape of a heart that rose filled with helium, mentioned the Daily Mail.

The look for that photograph was special, Katy looked completely different, with her long hair and a red tone that stood out among the hues of the graphic, making the change unexpected for many. Her amber lips were matched with the balloons for a completely bold image.

This presentation of Perry takes us back in time, when in 2020, a few days after becoming a mother, she surprised her followers by debuting in the music video “Champagne Problems”, with her reddish locks, leaving aside her characteristic blonde hair.

Back then, he looked unrecognizable with a color that looks amazing on white skin, highlighting his features.

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