Katy Perry suicidal: his freezing revelation on his first break with Orlando Bloom


On CBC radio, Katy Perry returned to the depression she suffered in 2017, shortly after her first breakup with Orlando Bloom. A difficult moment, which coincided in particular with a career that changed little for the singer, and gave her some dark ideas.

Si Katy Perry et Orlando Bloom live the perfect love and will soon be the happy parents of a little girl, they have not always gone through pleasant moments together. In March 2017, the couple separated after more than a year of relationship, leaving the singer in great despair, while on the career side, she was also going through a difficult period. “My career was on this trajectory where it went up, up and up, then I had the smallest change, not so huge from an outside point of view, she explains to SiriusXM on CBC, relayed by Daily Mail. I had given so much and it literally broke me in two. “

“I broke up with my boyfriend, who is now my baby’s future dad. And then I was excited to fly high to the next record. But validation didn’t make me soar, so I just crashed “, entrusts Katy Perry, who released their fourth album in June 2017, Witness, which still sold more than 900,000 copies. A difficult period for the interpreter of Teenage Dream, who now sees a positive side to this depression, which has finally taught him a lot. “It was so important to me to be broken so that I could regain my integrity in a completely different way”she explains, adding that this has allowed her to no longer live her “lives like a pop star thirsty for success all the time.”

Katy Perry: “If I hadn’t found gratitude, I would have jumped”

Today recovering from her depression, Katy Perry explains that it is ”Gratitude” who probably got him “save the life”. “If I hadn’t found it I would have wallowed in my own sadness and I would have probably jumped”, launches the future mother, who explains that she is now “grateful” when she feels depressed, especially during her first pregnancy when she feels particularly on edge. “Hope has always been an option for me, because of my relationship with God and something bigger than me”, she concluded, visibly very positive about the future and more sustained than ever.

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