Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, romantics in Venice

The couple treated themselves to an Italian getaway, posting pictures of the trip on social networks.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are in Europe. For the past few days, the 36-year-old singer and the 44-year-old actor have been in Italy, in Venice, where they are enjoying a sweet moment for two. Romantic, the lovebirds, who in August 2020 became the parents of a little Daisy, published some photos of this getaway on their Instagram pages on June 16, 2021.

On the series unveiled by the British comedian, the duo are seen riding a gondola, sipping a cocktail. Orlando Bloom also released a snap where he is seen kissing his fiancée, followed by a video showing a restaurant owner making pizza.

Funny nod to the “Bennifers”

For her part, the interpreter of “Firework” unveiled a photo of her in a water taxi with their dog Nugget, a glimpse of her companion on their hotel bed, or a snapshot taken during the discovery of a blown glass workshop. Amidst all of that footage, Katy Perry had fun winking at Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, slipping in a paparazzi photo showing the couple kissing in Los Angeles. A dedication that made his followers laugh a lot.

Together since 2016 (with a split of a few months in the middle), Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had announced their engagement in 2019. The wedding was due to take place the following year in Japan, but was postponed due to the coronavirus crisis.

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