Katja Schuurman furious after official warning | Entertainment

entertainment“>“Accepting the risk of being chased out of the country by sharing this with tar and feathers: ‘Seriously? An official warning that you don’t follow the rules – 10pm – at 10:03 pm ?? Because your guests, with their coats on on their way out – a last bite of dessert stuffed in – aren’t exactly outside at 22:00? ”, Begins Katja her account on the social medium. In addition to a photo of the official warning, she also shares a video in which you can see and hear that she is talking to two police officers.

entertainment“>She continues: “The video is also from last night @restaurant_guts, where no guests were present for a long time, but the owners had been cleaning up; it seems to me strong that you are expected to get your guests out, close the door directly behind yourself, and look further the next morning. ”

entertainment“>Katja is not pleased with the tone of the police officer. “I can imagine that it is all still difficult for our enforcers of the law to follow, but the tone of this police lady: ‘I find it very annoying, so just turn off your lights and leave’, comes to me rather rude and without any empathy about it. ”


entertainment“>“People, in so many different industries, have had to fight every day for months to make their businesses survive. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to restaurant owners and staff. Also singers, theater makers; the entire cultural sector is in danger of collapsing due to rules that are not consistently implemented for everyone in our country, to say the least. I mention churches. And planes. Or Ton from Rossum, who owns a company with coaches, who in that capacity is allowed to transport a maximum of 15 people, but if the same bus is used for the Dutch Railways, this may be 30. With how many different sizes does our government want to measure? We should be completely silent about aviation and Schiphol in this context; every sane person will then be completely short-circuited. ”

entertainment“>It therefore seems sensible for the government to re-examine the current measures. “If we are indeed to solve this wretched crisis ‘together’, we need consistent policy. Preferably based on knowledge and facts. As a result of which everyone can and wants to understand rules and restrictions. Dear government, this is policy for the stage, bureaucracy and arbitrariness. And please also read that urgent letter from doctors carefully before Tuesday ”, says Katja.

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