Katja Retsin: “Wedding ring found thanks to VR…

Katja Retsin

Photo: Jeroen Hanselaer

Katja Retsin has found her wedding ring thanks to the frugality of the public broadcaster. She tells that story to Showbizzsite.be.

The presenter lost her wedding ring years ago during recordings for the VRT program ‘Steracteur, star artist’. “When shooting a commercial, I spent hours in a swimming pool. When I got home in the evening, I noticed that I had lost my wedding ring – probably because my hands had shriveled up in the cold. I then called that swimming pool, but they did not find that ring.”

Retsin then had a new wedding ring made, assuming that she would never get her original wedding ring back. “But two years later I suddenly received an email from a colleague at Ketnet, who asked if it was possible that she had found my wedding ring. Apparently they had reused the yellow cleaning gloves I should have worn for that movie. Bizarre right? Normally you throw something away when it’s used. But due to the frugality of the VRT, that had ended up in the props department. That is the fate: I had to find that wedding ring.”

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