Katja frustrated: ‘Police and municipality try to straighten out what is crooked’ | Entertainment

entertainment“>Although she is trying to record her response for the podcast The Daily Beely from Giel Beelen, she fails to do so because her daughter needs her attention at that moment. She asks the radio DJ if he wants to read her reaction.

entertainment“>Giel relates “She thought it was important to speak up.” He then reads her response: “Where many do not dare. And despite many positive reactions you can see why not. Even the police and the municipality are trying to correct what is crooked. Very frustrating. I try to hold back and not make myself right. Sadly, it makes no sense. ”

entertainment“>“I see the grief of my friends who are rehearsing for theater plays, trying to keep sports clubs going, restaurants afloat, shops alive. Health is not just about life and death, it is about happiness. Joy of life, future plans. What’s life worth if you can’t live? Was signed, Katja Schuurman. ”

entertainment“>The police themselves announced on Monday that they were ‘baffled’. Police spokesman Rob van der Veen said, among other things The Telegraph about: “They also just do their job. We all understand that people are bothered by the corona measures, we certainly understand that with the police. But as a celebrity with many followers you also have an exemplary function. Then we would appreciate it if things are presented fairly. ”

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