Kate moved everyone. He pays homage to the deceased queen with a nice gesture

In short, the British adore the Princess of Wales Kate. She herself often gives them appropriate reasons for this, and even after the departure of British Queen Elizabeth II. not inactive. He holds a Christmas service in honor of the queen.

Princess of Wales Kate will hold a special Christmas service at Westminster Abbey this year. She wants to pay homage to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The ceremony will be according to the diary Mirror to honor the values ​​that the Queen has espoused throughout her life. Kate said in the announcement that the solemn service will then be done in the spirit of empathy, compassion and support of others.

“These principles are also shared by guests invited to the Palace of Westminster in recognition of their tireless efforts to help and care for those around them,” said the royal palace.

Kate wants to celebrate the “selfless efforts of people from all over the UK” with a service. The princess, who herself is involved in several charity projects, would like to use the Christmas service to draw attention to the positive impact that meeting people can bring.

According to available information, in addition to members of the royal family, those who participate in local community projects are invited to the service. There will also be volunteers who work for charities or members of the emergency services.

The festive appointment is scheduled for Thursday 15 December. The ceremony is expected to take place in Westminster Abbey in central London, the magazine writes People. The choir will perform the Christmas carols that the British love most.

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Last year, the Princess of Wales first undertook the organization of the Christmas service. She then performed a perfect piano performance herself. She left the spectators all over the world breathless. Everyone is wondering if the princess is planning a similar surprise again this year.

Alarm in the royal family. Meghan revealed behind the scenes in another interview:


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