Kate Middleton, the secret of the bag to avoid embarrassment

The impeccable style of Kate Middleton, modern but always respectful of the court dress code, is the result of extreme care that leaves no detail to chance, including the choice of bags.

From 2011, the year of her marriage to William, to today, Kate has refined her looks. She has learned to wear stockings all the time, clearing the flesh-colored tights through customs, she has understood that she has to insert small weights in the hem of the skirts to avoid risque accidents, she wears very high heels only on certain occasions and with certain garments that are never too short. transparencies are always chaste and he only discovers his shoulders and feet on gala evenings. And so he built his style, copied all over the world, so much so that every garment he wears immediately sells out, giving life to what has been called the “Kate effect”. And that’s how it transforms an 11 euro dress in un outfit ultra chic.

Much attention is also put into choice of bags. Lady Middleton definitely prefers the clutch which she uses both day and night, although we have seen her with single-handle bags, like the Aspinal London Midi bag.

If the clutches are undoubtedly very refined and give a touch of bon ton to the looks, the Duchess of Cambridge prefers them for a question of etiquette, as he revealed the stylist Mika Meier. The latter notes as Kate often, during the Court’s commitments even the most formal ones, holds with both hands the clutch bag, carrying it always on the lap.

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The expert explains: “This pose is perfect to take, when you are nervous or excited, because it allows you to keep your hands busy avoiding each embarrassment. This is Kate’s pose, when she uses the clutch, every time she talks to others or walks in public ”.

The Cambridge carry, as Kate Middleton’s bearing is defined, is ideal for those who don’t know where to keep their hands. A trick, that of the Duchess, which relieves her of embarrassment in all circumstances and prevents her from performing inelegant gestures in public. Meier then suggests that to have a distinct attitude you have to walk with your back straight, shoulders slightly back and the clutch in front of you. And he continues: “When standing, you have to make sure that your toes are pointing forward, that your hands are together and with the fingers pointing down, possibly together. While the clutch must be held with both hands, this is the key ”. In fact, the expert points out, if the clutch were held by one hand only, the other arm would seem stiff.

The most serious mistake that one can commit, explains the stylist, is to hold the clutch under the arm: this would be an unforgivable style slip that a Duchess like Kate would never do.

Kate Middleton – Fonte: Getty Images

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