Kate Middleton lost to Meghan Markle in all respects

The royal person’s visit to the United States exposed many issues that are now being actively discussed in the media. Observers have drawn attention to an extremely curious detail.

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The British press has been discussing the rivalry between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle for several years now. The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex have never hidden their hostile attitude towards each other, and recently the conflict has only intensified. The apogee was the recent trip of Prince William and his wife to the United States. According to many observers overseas, the royal couple frankly ended up in a puddle, and problems also began with planning the trip. Famous blogger Lena Miro analyzed the actions of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

“I have read the program of the visit of the heirs. Either they went to a climate change conference or an awards ceremony for the fight for the climate. Kate actually went to sign the child development center’s guest book of honor. There is only one question: why? What kind of activities do these heirs carry out? What product are they creating? What interesting and useful things to do? wonders Miro.

According to the blogger, many justify the couple by allegedly drawing attention to some problems. However, in reality, even without Prince William and Kate Middleton, they know that it is necessary to reduce the emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere and give children a good education. At the same time, the couple spent large sums of money on the visit, which could be used, for example, to help starving children in Africa. According to Lena Miro, even recently she staged a public quarrel with her husband Meghan Markle looks more adequate and makes a much more favorable impression.

“Flight, safety, organization and accommodation: all of these have done more harm to the environment than good by their presence. Harry and Meghan are different. Here are people’s favorites. And they create interesting products, write memoirs and record podcasts, give interviews and make films,” concluded the blogger.

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