Entertainment Kate Middleton, Harry in serious trouble asks her for...

Kate Middleton, Harry in serious trouble asks her for help


Harry would contact secretly Kate Middleton to find a solution to all his troubles and to re-establish relationships with the Royal Family, in particular with his brother William and his father Carlo.

According to what reported on New Idea, the Prince finds himself in serious difficulties, unhappy and disheartened: he is unable to settle in Los Angeles, he is unable to implement the plans of his wife Meghan Markle and is sad for leaving the Royal Family and his friends. The only window to put things right would be Kate Middleton, especially afterwards the Commonwealth video that would have embarrassed Queen Elizabeth.

According to rumors, Harry would like to find a solution and put a stone on the tensions of the last few months with his family of origin. But as Phil Dampier, author of the book, pointed out, Royally Suited: Harry & Meghan in Their Own Words, the only way to smooth things out is to see yourself. But it seems that Meghan disagrees to a return to Britain.

Harry’s only ally is therefore Lady Middleton. The two have always been very close. “When William started dating Kate, Harry was 19 years old. He immediately became attached to her, he called her ‘the sister she never had’. They often went out with three and Harry and Kate laughed and made fun of William, ”comments Dampier. With Megxit, the two brothers-in-law were brutally torn from each other. They have lost their carefree bond and this has been very difficult for both of us to accept.

According to Phil, although the Duchess of Cambridge has tried to pacify in the past, Harry themes who has given up on ironing things out between him and William and between her and Meghan. “Kate’s priorities today are other: children and support for husband and queen “. “It won’t let anything compromise those goals.” So, it is unlikely that he will waste any more energy to make Meghan change her mind.

Ever since Sussex left for Los Angeles, Lady Middleton has seen her role and visibility grow within the Royal Family. IS during isolation his popularity has grown, becoming the member of the Royal Family most loved by his subjects. Meanwhile, Harry is increasingly in trouble. And how a source confessed to Sun: “He went from feeling excited for his new life to feeling internally tormented“.

It appears that Harry’s decision to contact Kate came after criticism of the video in which he appeared alongside Meghan, where he made the famous uncomfortable speech about “past mistakes”, during which he appeared as trapped and crushed by his wife.

Although the Duchess of Cambridge is very busy and focused on something else, she will always be there for Harry and almost certainly she is the only one who could unlock the situation and bring the Prince back to court.


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