Katarzyna Nosowska remembers a difficult moment from her childhood. “I was eight years old. I would feel like I was.”

Katarzyna Nosowska She proved to be a direct artist who has been feeding fans with her thoughts contained in the lyrics of songs for several years. The singer also uses other forms of communication, such as being active on Instagram and writing books. In mid-September, she published her second book and, in order to promote the work, she got a few candid interviews. In one of them, she told about a difficult moment in her childhood.

Kasia Nosowska about the first holy communion

The artist has repeatedly taken a position on matters important to society. She commented on the presidential election, and joined the boycott of the Polish Radio Three. It turns out that she had a strong opinion on every topic already in her childhood. At the age of eight, she decided not to go to religion. However, she was afraid to inform her parents about it and hid this fact until … until the day of her first Holy Communion.

I was eight years old and, through a series of events, I concealed from my parents that I did not attend religion. I had a fear of explaining to them why. The little problem later grew in me – the child – to monstrous proportions. Of course, everything ended in a disaster. It turned out that I could not take my first communion – she revealed in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”.

Apparently, the singer’s parents, unaware of their daughter’s pranks, organized a communion party for her, which ultimately did not exist. Years later, they looked at this situation cooler.

Now my mother is sorry that in this amok, among jellies, chickens and outraged family, she did not think about the little man.

Did you expect such confessions of the singer?

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Kasia Nosowska conquers Instagram with honesty and distance to herself!

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