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Kasselakis at the presentation of the SYRIZA European ballot: You will not succeed in breaking us (Video) – 2024-04-21 00:29:58

“We propose a better life and call on Greek men and women to decide. A better life is in your hands,” he said Stefanos Kasselakis presenting the ballot of SYRIZA – PS for the European elections, at the Cultural Center – Hellenic World. The president of SYRIZA – PS declared that he was proud of the European ballot, which is “a ballot of progressive excellence against the ballot that caresses far-right ears”, while he launched a fierce attack on the propaganda of Maximos.

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It is recalled that of the 42 candidates, 35 have emerged in the primary elections, two are the current MEPs Kostas Arvanitis and Elena Kountouras and the remaining five (four women and one man), selected by Kasselakis. They are Melpo Lekatsa, Despina Sinou, Violeta Kordatzi, Vasilis Papalazarou and Lydia Veneri.

Stefanos Kasselakis underlined that their plan was “a SYRIZA alone constantly shrinking, recycling into introversion, ceding the position of official opposition to a party convenient for the system. This was the plan, you didn’t let them, you spoiled it for them because you took SYRIZA into your hands.”

A European ballot designed for the first time by you. I am proud of the process, proud that the choice went from the party president to you. I am proud of your choices. The ballot of progressive excellence against the ballot that caresses far-right ears, like Giorgos Autias, with junta slogans. And the approaches are golden” underlined the official opposition leader and sent a message to everyone in SYRIZA.

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“I want to say something that concerns all of us, the MEP candidates, our MPs, our executives and of course myself. In any case there is the slightest deviation from the principles and values ​​of SYRIZA, respect for human dignity, respect for equality, the rights of every citizen, there will be zero tolerance. You already saw this. I am not Mitsotakis to keep Kasidiaris’ hymn on the ballot. I am not Mitsotakis to put on the ballot extreme right-wing elements that create disgust and I am not Mitsotakis to keep in KO a member of parliament who does not know whether to put the article or or in front of the name of a person who has a different sexual orientation than him. Actions show the progressive Mitsotakis and the actions are clear. I’m not afraid to talk about everything, I have no secrets, no topics I avoid. Here, everything is in front of you.”

“Our political opponents are coming to participate in the cannibalism by mocking. I have to say to the whole system one thing: Distort, bore, strike. I have in me strength, endurance, incredible stubbornness. We are all in SYRIZA, we have proven it. Knock, you can’t crack me, you can’t crack us. You won’t achieve anything. The only miracle is here, the people of SYRIZA, who got a party after two defeats, after two splits and said hands down from SYRIZA. Don’t look to me for fits of messianism, after all I’m not the one paying journalists to call him Moses every day. I am an equal among equals. With the members and friends of the new SYRIZA always having the last word. My responsibility is to mobilize society so that the best come to us. And you see this in think tanks.

Something happens, something is born, it’s a bottom-up movement. People who say no more and join a party for the first time. People who had stopped believing in politics, in the formation of a true progressive excellence that will oppose the scum that was baptized excellence in order to perfectly fill the public coffers” emphasized Stefanos Kasselakis.

Friends, has SYRIZA mutated? Did it change principles and values? Change seats? The answer is given automatically if we answer the question “What is the modern Left today?” The modern Left is the society of solidarity, a state that does not move forward leaving behind a number of its citizens helpless, neither in the back of a truck, nor in the post of a police station, nor in the carriages of a train that goes… and wherever it goes, emphasized the President of SYRIZA.

The modern Left is not the state of 1/3 or 2/3 of the citizens, who are faced with “whoever doesn’t adapt, dies”! It is the state that makes sure that its first and last citizen has a decent education, decent health, a decent salary. It is so simple. A life with dignity.

And the most important thing: that every citizen has equal opportunities, so that he can stand up, regardless of his origin, gender, surname and property. And this is what I call the Greek dream: the complete opportunity for citizens that the financial crisis, bankruptcy, the Right has cut in two. It cut their lives in two.

And at the same time, for me, the modern Left is the one that does not assign patriotism to patriots. Which does not assign the faith of any citizen who wants to believe in the faith trade of the Right. Which does not assign security to a New Democracy, in whose days all the indications and all the indicators of criminality have been launched.

And, at the same time, on the big horizon, the modern Left is the one that has an open eye on the world around us. Which prioritizes the green transition, dealing with the climate crisis, which prioritizes climate adaptation, which claims Europe-wide the end of austerity. Because this economic plan gets nowhere, it only makes the Far Right bigger. Which calls for a new migration policy, in which the European Union expresses real solidarity in practice and not by renting warehouses of souls in our country.

Which does not hesitate to take a clear position: Yes, we blame and condemn every terrorist attack. But yes, we are in favor of an immediate ceasefire to end the carnage in Gaza. Clearly! We are with all our forces in favor of a Palestinian state, which will coexist peacefully, side by side with Israel.

And of course, in our own national issues, no retreat, no compromise. The dialogue with Turkey is positive, we want that, but it must have a clear objective: the delimitation of the continental shelf – EEZ at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, with clear red lines. No move to demilitarize the islands. Absolute respect for our national sovereignty. No discussion of joint exploitation before the EEZ is demarcated and no divestment of our unilateral and sovereign right to extend our territorial waters up to 12 miles.

Friends, modern progressive politics means being able to speak to each generation with its language, in each era with its needs. But your compass must be stable: with people, with solidarity, with society. They are us. We come from a long way and we are new at the same time, and that is why we will go far.

Against us we have a regime that plays with the mud, edits, fools, monitors, propagandizes, deceives. A government full of negative firsts, like the negative firsts presented by Eurostat.

And since we are talking about Europe and going to European elections, we have to say that this country can no longer combine indirect Swedish taxes with social benefits of a third world state. This country can no longer combine French food prices, German rents and Bulgarian wages. The equation doesn’t work!

But you know something? It’s out for the banks and it’s out for the electricity monopoly. But the equation does not work for the family man, who puts a piece of paper in front of him and draws a vertical line in the middle and calculates income – expenses every month. She is not dating a young man, a young woman, who cannot even imagine how to start a family. And it doesn’t work out for a grandparent, who worked a lifetime to get starvation pensions. It doesn’t work!

That’s why, friends, you’ve already got a sample of our suggestions for accuracy, taxation, security. In the coming weeks you will see SYRIZA’s proposals for every area of ​​our social life. A whole propaganda taught a whole people to live with the minimum, with the minimum of their dreams, with a pass that is not enough for life.

We want a better life and we want it now. Now! We propose a better life and invite Greek men and women to decide. A better life is in your hands!

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